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How We Can Help

Our business consulting services help businesses in Calgary and beyond.  We are passionate about helping you optimize your business in every conceivable way.  From emerging technology to evolving customer expectations.  We help you stay agile as you enter into new niches, and competitive as things change. 

Future to Now Consulting is about taking your future, personal, or business goals and working everything backward to today and then implementing your plan. Almost everyone and every company will have goals in some form, but what a lot of leaders miss is how to visualize or project into future innovation and what steps do they need to take to get back to today and implementing those goals.

Business Strategy

Only two percent of company decision-makers feel confident about achieving at least 80% of their strategic goals. One of the reasons this happens is ineffective prioritization.

Success for any business or organization starts with strategy. Our goal is to create a business-level strategy that will ensure the success of your business.

Operational & Process Efficiency

Having a clear system of operations allows businesses to thrive. Set business operations make a happy work environment and a simple process for your clients and customers to work through. 

If you are struggling with your operational system, Future to Now Consulting can help! Our experienced consultants can help you get your business operations where you want them. 

Adjusting To Business Change

The business world is constantly evolving and your company needs to be able to evolve with it. We provide assistance with Incremental, Disruptive, Sustaining, and Radical Innovation in your business.

Transform how your business implements any innovation strategy with the help of Future to Now Consulting.

Leadership & Management

The success of every business depends on its leaders. From mid-level to the CEO, effective leadership is essential to the everyday growth of a business. 

Leadership coaching from Future to Now will help your leaders develop the skills necessary to be successful leaders. We work with team leads, all the way to the CEO. Help your company grow by helping your leaders grow.  

Download our eBook for only $24.99

In a world full of unknowns, in business, for business owners and employees, Future To Now will help you build the systems that you need as a business and employee. Not sure where to start with Strategy, Core Values, Operations, Human Resources or Innovation? The pages inside of this book and workbook will get you started on the right path.

Let my 20 years of working for multiple industries and 5 years as a business consultant guide you to the beginning of systems and processes for your company and its employees.

Build Your Business Culture

A critical component of any business success is the personality that creates any future. This personality can be singular or plural when discussing. An employee can see it as a singular event of what they do, where a leader, manager, or owner will join all personalities together to get to an end result. A single personality will look at life and working for a company through their own lens of reality that will then work its way into a cohesive unit at a company. When those personalities form a bond, you need to build your business culture. This culture helps in creating a future. If it is in your business life, it makes your future have a higher net return, and in your personal life, it begins to build your business career.

Business Management Process

Our business management process leads work forces to become relentless in the pursuit of being the best they can in their own lives while also benefiting the organizations that employ them. We provide value through business strategybusiness operationsleadership and team building, and overall innovation processes to help organizations, owners, and senior management lead their staff towards clear business goals. Organizations have the desire to succeed in their environment, whether that means staying as is in quantity and quality, or they want to scale and achieve higher profits. No matter which one is chosen, that organization will need a culture to achieve successful results through a specific business management process that is ideal for them. In all cases, businesses will be devoted to ensuring that the employees are looked after and are thriving in business and life.

Treating people like a number in today’s market is not going to last when trying to build your business culture!

Our way of business management consulting with companies is to help them either maintain more efficiently as an operations consultant or strategic consulting. By doing this we place a lot of emphasis on the employee and quite often we create a change management process where the ability to grow and scale is achievable.

Why Us as Your Business Management Consultant

As business management consultants, we are persistent in our approach, ensuring that all personalities work in synchronicity towards personal and business success creating business value. With so many employees in the marketplace today, why should an employee stick with one company or a company stick with one employee, just in case. There have to be much give and take in business, so staff, operations managers, leaders, and owners need to work in synchronicity to achieve specific business goals. Our management consulting will put things in sync with a much brighter, more transparent, and clear future.

If you need help with your business management, business operations, creating business value, leadership coaching and consulting or work on specific business goals, then contact Future to Now Management Consulting Firm today. Our business consultants will be happy to connect with you.

Future To Now Consulting

We started in 2006 as a management company to investors building residential and commercial buildings. The energy was high in Alberta trying to build as many properties as possible. Throughout the years, we turned into a consulting company for businesses helping them with growth.

For Any Help or Queries Please Email Us