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Future To Now Consulting has been in the consulting industry, around Calgary, Alberta, area for over 10 years and has seen many ups and downs in the market. As a business consultant over the past 3-5 years, we have concentrated on business strategy and taken a much more strategic discipline in understanding why organizations suffer in the marketplace. Except for economic factors, over 95% of our experience, always leads back to the importance of employees, how they are treated, how they treat organizations, and the overall culture of a company. As a result, we concentrate on strategic consulting, business leadership coaching, and business operations.

How Did Our Business Start?

We started in 2006 as a business management consulting company to investors building residential and commercial buildings. The real estate market was booming in Alberta, trying to develop as many properties as possible. Throughout the years, we turned into a business consultant driving our brand and business value, helping businesses with achieving their business goals, scalability, and growth. We have found in our years of experience, that leaders are receiving adequate training, but that training is then getting lost when being presented to employees, diminishing the importance of business leadership. Some employees understand it, and others do not get the message. It is then up to that business leadership team to decipher how to go about getting the message across. However, leaders are employees as well, and instead of trying to get the message across, they just have basic meetings on a monthly or quarterly basis and hope that people just “get it.”

The importance of high functioning teams cannot be understated!

Why Us as Your Next Business Consultant?

Today after many years of working with organizations as a business consultant, our branding is structured around developing the people inside of organizations.

Business strategy, business leadership,business operations, and innovation are the primary topics we always cover when communicating with employees, leaders, or owners, but we dive into many aspects of the individual and how they interact at work. When that is over, we report back to leadership about what could be happening as there are always two sides to every story!

Once everyone is on the same page, we dive into resolving the issues presented. Everyone has a voice, no matter the position at the company, and we persist in answers.

Yes, we still consult with businesses towards their growth. But we do it with more emphasis around the employee and identifying their purpose. Too often, companies have high turnover, the leader cannot understand why the employee is not performing, and so on. We help navigate these waters with our clients.

Everybody wants to work and work effectively, but sometimes people are just in the wrong place at the wrong time or are in a career that does not matter to them in the long run. Business culture needs to be created, not forced. When an influential business culture is established, businesses start thinking proactively instead of continually reacting, and this helps them lead to growth.

Future to Now Consulting is and always will be built on the employees that work at organizations and defining their purpose. Leaders need to worry about the horizon and who is with them to achieve results, and we, as a business consultant, make sure that everyone is in place to deliver.

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