Corporate Strategy Consulting | Adjusting To The New Economy
Adjusting To The New Economy Is this economy changing the way you do business? For the better or worse? As business starts to open again, we are noticing that nothing is “normal” anymore. We hear a lot of people talk about how they just want things to go back to normal. Honestly, I think we all need to create our new normal. The old way we went about our day and conducted work is gone.
Management Consulting Firm | Looking At All Personalities In A Company
Personalities and Culture in a Company We have talked at length in the past about workers that have maybe stayed too long in their roles and are becoming a nuisance or a problem in achieving results. Have they been around too long, become complacent, tired of the work politics and so on? Today, we would like to address all personalities in a company and how they can help or hurt an organization. Culture and Personalities
What is Critical Thinking?
What is Critical Thinking? How you look at and analyze information to make a reasonable judgement is probably the easiest way to explain critical thinking. What we have noticed is that emotion gets in the way of 90% of staff to use critical thinking to come up with solutions. The other 9% is that staff are stuck in their own head to use critical thinking to make a decision. Then there is the 1% that

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