Are You Replaceable?

This post follows our strategy blog to an uncomfortable discussion. You know you are replaceable right? It has been our experience and no matter who leaves a company, it takes approximately 2 weeks to adjust and move on from that vacant spot. There will always be another person to replace that person or the job could be divided amongst others at the company.


Where does that leave your self-esteem knowing that you can be replaced? No matter where it leaves you, you have an obligation to make sure you bring value and are valued at your company. A company can only last so long depending on the market, so it is up to you making sure that you can easily move on to another company whenever you see the need. Companies are facing uncertain times right now and not knowing what business will look like when things open back up, so your future may be unknown at that company.

Executive Leadership Coaching | Are you Replaceable?

Providing Value

We had an interesting conversation several months ago. The highlight of the conversation was that your education/training and experience at some point level up. You as an employee or owner should always make sure that your training is above your work experience. Once your work experience levels up to your training, take more training and on and on. Never stop learning and providing value.

Job Scorecard

When you take on steps like these, you will provide so much value you will either start your own company or the company you are at, will do everything in their power to ensure you are looked after. The following should cover off some things to consider in your job scorecard;

  • Task – what are you asked to do on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Job descriptions are typically cumbersome and filled with literature that is fluffy in nature and something that you will never complete any time soon. Ensure you get agreement amongst your peers and leaders to summarize your job task or scorecard.
  • Method – how do you structure your day to achieve the tasks you are asked to complete. Did you create your method or are you following a method created by the company? Make sure you are achieving the desired results and more. Add value.
  • Technology – does your company provide the technology needed to perform? If not, maybe invest in it yourself to stand out from your peers and then have the ability to lead others.
  • Timing – are you under massive amounts of stress to deliver on time? Can you delegate, are you good at delegating, does the company have the resource(s) to give you help? Time management is a crucial skill to learn and implement
  • Quality – how is the quality obtained in your position. Find a way to add more value than you do now. Leadership is looking for people to step up in times of uncertainty.
  • Job Rotation – can job rotation add to your skill set? Learn new things to add to your resume.

Our post is not to scare people, but to increase a person’s ability to work, learn, level up and learn some more. Don’t get stuck in a position or out of a job with nowhere to turn.

If you need more help in working within your job or how to add more value, reach out to us at Future to Now Consulting.