Business and Personal Morale

There is simply nothing worse than the compromised spirit of a staff member. Seeing a staff member struggle day in and day out with no mentorship or training is hard to watch. They want to contribute and be productive, but something inside of the company beats them down. What a morale killer!

Business Morale

There is a silent killer in a lot of organizations and that is how people feel about coming to work. Morale! What does your company’s morale feel like when staff are working day-to-day? When clients walk into the office, is there an upbeat feel about the office or are people walking around with little to no expression? Your business morale can make or break you as an owner and how well you profit every year.  When you have a high functioning team in production and morale, your profits will exponentially grow. Ensure that staff know when things go wrong in their personal and business life, they have someone that they can speak with to correct the negative influencing ideas.  Staff are the most critical asset inside of any business. The success of staff creates the success of your business.

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Personal Morale

The way you feel when you go to work should dictate whether you are in the right place or not. Yes, you are not going to feel like going to work and performing at a high level every day. However, your positive days should far outweigh the negative days. If you find yourself not wanting to go to work on most days, you need to evaluate what you are doing, what the reasons are and where do you go from here. People are not meant to drive themselves crazy every day going to work. You will spend most of your life going to work, so you might as well enjoy what you are doing. So, what happens if you find yourself having the worst of days? Here are a few suggestions for you to consider:

  • Does your job description even make sense? Is this what you envisioned yourself doing when you left school and had visualizations of a successful career? If any of these questions are not what you intended to do, you need to talk with someone at your company to discuss your path forward.
  • Create the visual of your path forward and then implement it. Spend some regular time visualizing where you want to be in your career and life and then put a plan in action to achieve that.
  • What is leadership like? Often leadership will say they have an open-door policy and it is the furthest from the truth. You need to have someone that you can speak with, confidentially, to make decisions towards your future. Without it, you may be fighting a losing battle anyway.
  • Do you have balance? As staff, you may have a hectic work life, but how is that balanced with your home life? Sometimes there is not enough time to balance them all, but you need to find a schedule and structure to get the balance you require. It is hard to hear that sometimes you need to schedule your personal life, but how else will you do it? If you keep neglecting the ability to schedule everything in your life, then you continue to struggle.

Group Culture

This is where we are leading when we discuss business morale and personal morale. The morale of people will build your culture. Do you do anything together as a group or does everyone come to work and go home with little to no interaction. Ensure as a business that you are harnessing a positive work culture. From personal experience, there is nothing worse than coming to work and hating life and the company. No one deserves this. As a contributing staff member, make sure that you are getting involved to create a positive culture. Don’t sit idly by complaining!

Through our consulting services, we spend a significant amount of time working with owners and staff building up morale and cultures. Reach out to us at Future To Now Consulting if you want to discuss more.