Dealing with business and internal chaos during these times

If you were to think to yourself about your company. Is it in constant chaos or is it pretty chill except for the odd times it goes crazy? The odd time is pretty much normal in most cases, but if your company is in constant chaos, start to evaluate why. Do you need to get out, do you need to speak with people and understand why, is the owner completely radical and not controlled, is there a select group causing disruption? Some questions to ask yourself while trying to understand the issues. 

We wanted to send out this post now during our challenging economic times. Are people panicking or are they sitting back and analyzing and preparing. We have spent so much time over the past several weeks on phone calls with clients strategizing what to do next. We are trying to bring chaos and stress back down to normal levels.  

Business Operations Consultant | Business And Internal Chaos

Business Chaos

We encourage all of our clients to keep a calm and collected thought process when chaos presents itself.  

There are always employees in each type of company where there are good employees and are at the company for the right reasons. But the one thing that I have always found to be true in the chaos company, ownership guides how the overall direction runs. They are either non-existent and allow the culture to run wild or they are so involved and go mad when there is a problem. Then there is one more owner that evolves, and that is someone that is a helicopter boss. They show up when it is convenient! 

Business chaos takes on many levels, but it always starts with the owners and leaders of a company. If this can be dealt with correctly, then it makes things much easier to control down the line to individuals. 

Internal Chaos

Owners, leaders and managers (the good ones) look for perspective from everywhere. So, what are you doing in your organization to get engaged and how much are you tolerating from the senior-level people around you? Our suggestion is to start small with suggestions in chaos company’s and find out where your perspective goes from there.  

Continue to remember, that you as an employee, are in simple terms building the owner’s dream. If you decide to start your own business, then your employees will build your dream. So while you decide on which one you want, learn to control your internal chaos. Going out of control has never helped anyone, so the more you are aware, the more stress-free your life will be.  

Remember one thing, that these chaos companies are teaching you something to be prepared for in the future. When to identify a great company to stick around for and when to hopefully not even start work for! 

We have worked for numerous companies over the years and straightened out the chaos inside of them. If you believe you need help with smoothing out some issues, feel free to reach out to our team at Future To Now Consulting and get the conversation started.