Business Improvement vs Business Development

We work as a consultant that focuses on the improvement of businesses as a whole so that they can grow, scale and develop the staff inside of it. Inside of organizations are staff that have varying wants and needs so that they can improve as well. We put all of these together to create improvement that satisfies all the wants and needs of a business.

Business Improvement

Is your business continually looking for improvement in all areas? Are they still stuck on the ways they have always done things to satisfy the way they have always done business? In the economy, there are blue ocean companies and red ocean companies. Blue means that the company has a distinct and untapped market that they work in and red is where everyone else is competing amongst each other. This is where some businesses are trying to get into the blue. Some staff are full of ideas of ways companies can do things better, however, they typically do not speak up for fear of being ridiculed, stepping on someone’s toes or losing the job altogether. Businesses need to find a way to look at things holistically so that they can improve. There is always room for improvement.

Management Consulting Firm | Business Improvement vs Business Development

Personal Improvement

Ever been called a slacker or lazy or not fit for a role in a company? Do you want us to believe that you took a job, that you intentionally tried to sabotage to not make money? Yeah, us either! Everyone wants improvement in their life somehow. It does not have to be in a working relationship, it could be in your relationships. Either way, people need to work on themselves first through books, formal schooling, motivational videos, mentors and so on. We are not a personal development company. We build proven systems and processes that get people to the next level and as a result, get businesses to the next level. But to do that, staff have to work on themselves first. An owner or leader cannot will someone to work. They have to grow and mature that person.

Business Development

As mentioned, we build proven systems and processes that work. They are the same systems that most companies follow in the larger markets, just at times, they are broken down to suit your business. The major systems businesses follow are;

We complete these tasks through either in person or we can work as an online management consultant. Without systems and processes, businesses find it hard to scale and results in staff struggling because they are not sure where they are going either. If the business struggles, then staff struggle. And the cycle continues.

Personal Development

We do not classify ourselves as personal development coaches, but we do consider ourselves as personal development management consultants. To us, there is a difference. Coaches, in our experience, will give people motivational tactics to begin thinking and feeling better. Consultants will build tools and resources for staff to follow, and then suggest other means of creating the mindset like those offered by therapists and well researched and proven business coaches. The importance of personal development is so that you can present the best version of you for the business you work for and the best version of you in your personal life. Personal development is a holistic approach to your entire life.

We have laid out a tremendous amount of high-level information in this post. If you feel that you need help in either of these areas, contact us at Future to Now Consulting and we will be glad to have the conversation. We work in-person and online, so the choice is yours.