The importance of Business, Personal, and Employee Vision

What is the vision for your future career and personal life? What are your goals and ambitions? Let’s try and summarize the vision need, to make sure that your personal life and work-life are working together properly.

Personal Vision

What do you want out of life and how are you getting to the place you want to be? Is it only you that know about these goals and aspirations, or are they shared amongst your partners in life and peers? You need to get clear on where you are going, even if in 1, 2, 3 or 10 years down the road you change it up again. Set goals and work towards those goals. Your personal vision will start to take shape after you take the simple exercise of building specific time-oriented goals. Your personal vision is a picture of where you want to be, and your goals are going to get you to that place.

Corporate Strategy Consulting | Importance of Business, Personal & Employee Vision

Business Vision

Next, where is the place you work going? What is the vision for the future and how are you getting to that place with them? Have you had the conversation with them through employee reviews to understand the business vision, has anyone approached you and discussed how the business vision of the company is broken down? A lot of questions, we know, but all crucial discussions to have. More importantly, you need to know where you fit in that future. We work with employees inside of organizations to make sure that they understand where they are going and maybe, just maybe, they need to find another job because it does not align with their employee and personal vision.

Employee Vision

Does your personal vision and business vision have to align? We have asked entrepreneurs and business owners this same question many times and with a resounding 98% of the time, these people will say with a resounding, YES! So, we want to talk about employee vision. In a way, you are your own CEO inside of a company, where you need to look after you first and then work within the company culture striving towards success. So, we ask the same question to employees. Does your employee vision have to match your personal vision? Honestly, most employees have never been asked this and stumble through the answer. Your answer should be, yes. So, for employee vision, look at your personal vision and see how they align. How you interact in your personal life should be very similar to how you conduct yourself in your business life and vice versa. Develop your employee vision the same as your personal vision, just with an employee mindset built-in. What are your goals at your company and then what is your vision? Then see how they align.

This is a broad discussion around vision, so please reach out to us at Future To Now Consulting and a team member will be happy to discuss this in more detail.