Create a Communication Flow For Your Business

Our recent blog talked about communication in general or just talking with the people around you. The communication flow in your office so to speak. We will hit on a couple of different topics in this blog.

Organizational Chart and Communication Flow

What type of organization do you work in? There are many terms for hierarchy flows in a company, but to keep it simple, does the communication flow move top-down, bottom-up or more horizontal? Is it a mixture of both and how do you as an employee or owner fit into the mix? The more companies that we consult with, they are moving to a flatter communication (org) chart in terms of seniority. Instead of having 4-5 levels, they are moving back to 2-3 levels. The owner, being a level!

Employees today want more involvement in a company, so leaders and owners are needing to adapt to that. Our biggest question all the time to employees, is can you handle the responsibility that comes with wanting more? This is one of the most challenging aspects we face as a consulting company. Too many employees want the responsibility but cannot handle the responsibility and accountability that comes with it. Everyone wants to make more money but doesn’t want the accountability. You need to look within yourself and decide which one is it going to be. You need to know; the owners need to know, and leadership needs to know.

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Communication and Candor

What is the ease of communication and communication flow look like at your company? Candor is defined on *add no follow tag as “freedom from bias; fairness; impartiality:”. When we consult companies this is the first thing we try and work with businesses on. So many people have a difficult time grasping the word candor in their business. For too long companies have passed down information from the top authorities and just expect everyone to fall in line with those directives.

The only person we have experienced that can speak with candor is the owner and maybe the next level down, maybe. So many people are afraid that they will be judged or ridiculed for expressing their thoughts. Most times, organizations don’t even allow the conversation to happen. It is truly a mistake for companies to silence the majority. We have seen some of the best recommendations come from brand new hires. When new employees start, they have a different lens of perception and reality. Allow them to express themselves freely before they get ‘stuck’ in your way of doing things.

Most important; always, always, always look for collaboration! Reach out to us at Future to Now Consulting  to start the communication.