Dealing with Co-worker Challenges

I hate my co-worker! They; 

  • Talk too much 
  • Ridicule 
  • Come in late 
  • Stay late 
  • Suck up to the boss 
  • Brag 
  • Have terrible work etiquette  

We could go on with a longer list, but these are some of the normal complaints we hear. Then we ask what they are doing about it to confront another co-worker, and crickets start singing.  

Operations Management Consultant | Dealing with Co-worker Challenges

Employee Weakness

Why does a staff member feel the way they do towards another? Typically, it is a self-weakness that they still have not identified or are not willing to confront properly. Weakness usually comes from a past self-taught lesson that does not work anymore in business or it is someone else giving you misinformation today towards the business reality. Either which one or another you have; you need to seek direction towards an answer. 

Finding the answer takes a lot of research on the ability to ask questions. Do you find your job not going that well and you are not enjoying it? Then chances are you have a weakness that is stumping your enjoyment at work.

The first place we always recommend turning is towards the leadership of the company and finding answers. Leadership will have the ability to point you in the right direction towards clear answers. Maybe you don’t define it as a weakness rather than just not knowing. Either way, you need to find answers.

Co-Worker Challenges

To go along with the staff that have a potential weakness in a job function, co-worker challenges can impact the ability to learn. The reason why we bring up co-worker challenges is that a lot of staff weakness comes from learning or engaging with other staff. None of us truly know the intent of one another and what they want from life. Because you will spend the vast majority of your time with another staff member, more than you will with your own family if you stay at a company long enough, their life can easily mix with yours. There can be positives and negatives with that relationship. Our message here is to be very aware of the communication channels and how they may be impacting your job function and how others perceive you. If you are having challenges with another staff member, find someone to talk with and correct the issue before you find yourself not knowing where to turn.

Employee Self-Reflection

What is employee self-reflection? The same way you self-reflect in your personal life. Where have you been and where are you going. What lessons learned do you have from your past that are guiding you towards a successful future in your mind?

We find that many people, especially in business, will have a path forward that they want you to take, but is it what you want? Too often we work with employees and their hearts are just not into what they are doing. They have no passion or drive to succeed in the role because they truly don’t want to be at the company. So, when we arrive at companies we ask if the job people hold is something they want long term or until they can find something else.

Maybe they like the company and what they do, they would just rather be in another department. Maybe they want to become an entrepreneur and do their own thing. Whatever the circumstance may be, employees need to spend more time self-reflecting on what they want long term. The less stress that a person can have on themselves, the healthier they will remain personally and at work.

Wherever you need assistance in helping staff direct their career, feel free to reach out to us at Future To Now Consulting. Our business management consulting team will get back to you as soon as they can.