Dealing With Company Turnover

This economy has gone and turned itself completely upside down, and it is shaking all people to the core. The economy will find out who has what it takes and who does not when it comes to business, financials, leadership and so on. 

These are unprecedented times we are all going through that very few of us have ever gone through. Meaning that some people went through the early 1900s pandemic, but things are much different today in terms of economy and how we are notified through the internet.

How is your company adapting to a new way of doing business? Have you laid people off, terminated them completely, put them on a subsidy plan and so on? In the best of times, company turnover is very difficult to deal with. Each new person that walks through the door of a business requires training, extra meetings and to understand the culture and way of doing business. Company Turnover can be a substantial drain on your capital budget year after year if you do not control it. Yes, there are unforeseen circumstances, but if people are continually leaving the company, you have a leadership issue, not a company issue.

Business Process Management | Dealing With Company Turnover

How Human Resources & Leadership Impacts Your Business

Through our blogs, people want to know how to potentially fix problems inside of businesses. If you’re company currently is not dealing with turnover issues, we will assume that everything is OK for you in this market. However, if turnover is a problem for you, read on! 

Human resources and leadership control the fate of almost all businesses. If they are not functioning well, your company will suffer.  

It is well known that people do not leave businesses, they leave leadership.  

In short, they don’t want to deal with micro-managing, know it all people that think the staff are there to work for them.  

Staff are changing their thought process and do not need to work in one particular business. They have options, so it is up to human resources and leadership to ensure that they are doing everything they can to keep people around. Some staff will have unrealistic expectations and will move on and that is OK. But these are very few!

How To Make a Future Plan

Did you just recently lose your job, get laid off, or reduced in hours? Did anyone explain to you why?  

If I were a betting person, I am going to guess the answer is NO.  

Sure, you can look at the news and assume but did anyone have the decency to take you aside and explain what is going on. If they did, when things get better, take that as a sign to go back to work for them. If they did not, re-consider going back when the time comes up.  

You need to start planning today how to move on with life after the pandemic. What did this teach you, how did you watch people react around you, what will you do differently next time, how will create a change in your personal and work life? With a plan, you will build resistance to the next downturns in the economy and your life. When you are not prepared, life feels overwhelming. What things should go in this plan; 

  • Health & Fitness – a healthy body and mind go a long way when dealing with negativity 
  • Purpose – what is your purpose and how do you want to ensure you live that every day 
  • Teams – what people do you need around you to make a difference. Change up the people in your life as needed to remove negativity 
  • Education – begin learning new skills regularly. Whether that is through online sources like Google, YouTube, etc. Or through schools – online or in class.  
  • Write It Down– buy a notebook and start writing things down. They say that your ability to retain information is much higher when physically writing things down over typing them. 

Yes, we all need to pay the bills and keep moving forward but take this time to assess if the job you are in, is worth it.  

Then make a plan, no matter what your decision is. Many people do not take enough time to reflect where they are in their own life and act on it.  

Planning is and always will be the way out of difficult situations.  

If you need any help with planning, leadership, human resources or business consulting in general. Reach out to our team at Future To Now Consulting to continue the conversation.