Dealing With Fear

What drives you in business, what drives you in life? What is your motivational factor to get through your day-to-day? Most of the employees we have talked with over the years, all comes down to fear. Fear of failure, fear of ridicule, fear of letting down their family and on and on. Our question to the people we consult with, is what are you doing about it? No one is out there to protect you, other than you, so now what. 

Fear can work two-fold. It can either cripple you or launch you into a different life for the worst or for the better. But make no mistake, it is up to you. The company you work at, the government, the banks and so on are there to make money from your effort. You can be replaced by others, so take this time to self-reflect and move forward.

Executive Leadership Coaching | Dealing With Fear

Internal & External Fear

Internal and external fear is how you perceive the environment around you. As things come at you, how are you processing them in your mind and then coming up with responses? Depending on your reaction to an action, will let you know if fear is controlling your life. We can all be fearful at times, but when the immediate worry is over, does it continue to cause an impact on your life?

If this is the case, you are missing the resources on how to actively deal with these issues. In order to not let fear, run your life, please reach out to the people that you need to help whether that is doctors, psychologists, peers or whomever. Never bottle up your emotions of fear, as there is always a way out of the mindset that you may be trapping yourself into.  

As a business consultant, too often we have employees that don’t know where to turn or how to act around certain situations. This leads to anxiety, depression and all the other medical terms used today to diagnose someone. You are letting the fear of something happening in the future dictate how you respond. Don’t let this happen. Find help in communicating and asking for help.  

Where a lot of businesses miss the mark is how they communicate with the staff. Leaders don’t really lead, and most businesses don’t take the time or effort to understand the staff that achieve daily tasks. We are not saying that businesses are all to blame but the business must understand that a person’s way of life and means to financial security comes when they step through the doors of your business. They rely on you to make a wage to then pay for their bills. And we have consulted with enough employees and business to know that most fears in staff come from the business they work for and the wage that they make.  

Economic Fear

We wanted to touch on this topic in this post because of what is happening in the market. We are fielding numerous calls daily about what next. How do I plan my business strategy, how do I deal with staff, do I close my doors and move on, and so on. Because this is the first time in almost all people’s history that this has happened, we are maneuvering one day at a time as well. We are all in uncharted territory.

What we do know, is that there is always a bright side to the fear and panic that people suffer through. And how do we get there? Through detailed planning and mapping the next steps of the daily actions we see.

Need help with resources to sustain the business? Phone the banks and ask the government.

Need help with planning and structuring your business if you are not used to working from home? Phone a business consultant to help navigate that.

No matter who you need to phone, make a plan. There has never been a more important time in life to ensure you are planning on where you are going. Don’t leave it up to fate to decide your outcome.  

Plan to fail, fail to plan.  

This is a loaded blog post and one that can go in so many different avenues. We have only touched on the extremely high-level topics of fear. If you ever need someone to talk with and discuss this topic, feel free to reach out to our team at Future To Now Consulting. We are always here to listen.