The Different Types of Personalities in a Business

In every organization, an employee, owner or leader has a personality that dictates how their life goes and as a result a company. A single personality creates a culture, and the right culture creates massive success for a business.

Staff Personality

The staff inside of your company came to you with intent. The responsibility of leaders and owners is to bring out that intent, harness it and turn it into success for the staff and the company. Staff  have many wants and needs. Some want to climb the proverbial corporate ladder; some want to come to work for their required hours and go home with no words spoken unless warranted. No matter which you have at your place of business, they are all needed, if the personality fits. You just need to understand it and embrace it.

Business Strategy Planning | Different Types of Personalities in a Business

Leader Personality

Somewhere along the way in business, a leader was chosen or hired to take on a major responsibility. If the leader was chosen, how were they chosen? Did someone say, you are a good fit, so here is your new position? Did anyone ask them if they even wanted the position? Again, fit the personality. If the leader was hired, how did the hiring manager know that personality was the right fit in a 3-4 hour interview? They probably didn’t and went off a gut feeling. Now it is up to that leader’s manager to ensure they are the right fit into the existing company culture or the culture that the company will become because of change. The leader personality is crucial for any organization as they take on a major role. They can help companies flourish, or they can be the downfall of a group or company.

Owner Personality

To keep this personality short, there are many what-ifs. Is the owner the sole worker in the company, or do they have thousands of staff under them? No matter what size of a company they operate, it started with a passion or idea or both, but this personality is the lifeblood of the company. The personality would have changed along the way, based on need and or requirement, but there is still a personality in there that needs to be expressed to the clients and staff. If this personality is in limbo, then the company probably is too!

We could write forever on this topic, but if you need help with working on personalities in your company, please reach out to our group at Future To Now Consulting to get the conversation started.

“To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often – Winston Churchill”