Employee Commitment and Growth

If Employees are not committed to the company or not growing within the company or their skills, everyone’s time will be wasted. Employee commitment and growth ensure work is being done efficiently and effectively.

Employee Commitment

When you are inside of your day-to-day grind at work, are you committed? When someone asks you to do something, do you roll your eyes and think, why am I here? Yes, I get lost in my thoughts too when I was working for others. Often, I would start at a company, get 6 months in and look for ways out. Once the novelty wears off, then where do you turn? It goes back to our conversations around training and experience. If you are the type of person that continually looks for growth and adding value, then take the opportunity to learn as much as possible from those around you. Not only should you be worried about being committed to the company that employs you, but you should also be committed to improving upon what you know now to become much more valuable later.

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Are You Wasting Time?

Do you value the company that employs you? Yes, then add more value to your position. No, then you need to find somewhere else to work. Whether your answer is yes or no, because this is the only two answers you can have, there is no maybe. You need to stop wasting time on what you are doing with your life and career. Don’t get to the end of your career and realize that you hated what you did. We live in a world of information where everything is at our fingertips so don’t have the excuse that you didn’t have the information available to you, to change. You’re wasting your time. If a company does not value your input, then the answer is simple, get out and find somewhere else to work.

Employee Growth

You want to see growth in a company and not being stagnant. Especially if a company says they want to grow and then do nothing about it. When I have worked for companies in the past, I purposely ask leaders what they are in their position. Are they here just for the paycheque or are they adding value to grow the organization? If the company is not growing, what value are they bringing to employees to keep them? If people are in positions to grow, I hope they are doing something daily to make sure that happens and not just in it for themselves. People around them depend on jobs to provide a life for their families.

Employees along with owners need to level up. We get tired of watching companies and people only look out for number one. Look out for the people around you and they will instinctively look after the company.

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