Gain a Competitive Advantage by Pivoting your Business During This Pandemic

That’s Not My Job!

Probably the four most dangerous words an employee could say right now in the midst of sweeping job losses, unemployment insurance over-run, and an economy that is halted all over the world. So, what are you going to do about it?

Business Pivoting

In a current world that is in a downfall, you need to learn how to pivot. We are currently planning on pivoting our own business because of the issues that the world faces. The way business is conducted is changing right in front of us. We have many clients that are asking us, what they can do to help plan and strategize for the future. Many of them have been so used to working from an office and now they are forced to work from home. What used to scare them about working from home, they are now forced to do. As a result, they are seeing many efficiencies and inefficiencies in their business process. Because of this, there could be even more job losses because companies are evaluating what they need and don’t need. As a result, you as an employee need to assess your current skills and see how that applies to the market. If we can offer one piece of advice, make sure you are capable of working from a distance. Office settings and training are going to have to be completed remotely.

Corporate Strategy Consulting | Gain a Competitive Advantage by Pivoting your Business

Lessons Learned

Whether you are a business or an employee, you need to document where you have been. This could be your job description and what you have done regarding it, or as a business, you need to ensure you are documenting lessons learned for future tasks or projects. How does this apply to something not being your job? You need to know where you’re going and having back up of past lessons learned will help you get there. You need to change the mistakes you made for the better and you also need to make your current positives even better. Companies are going to be looking for staff that can add more value to what they do. If you’re a person that likes to sit and be comfortable in your position, then you may potentially run into issues and keeping a job. Learn from your past and how to become better!

Competitive Advantage

Add lessons learned and business pivoting together, and you create your competitive advantage. This also applies to employees or businesses. Be in a constant state of movement to keep ahead of this economy curve. Who you provide a product or service for will be looking for your competitive advantage, so having as many resources in your back pocket as you can possibly have will create your advantage. You will need to have the ability to change and change quickly to last in the future economy.

If you are needing help identifying your competitive advantage, reach out to us at Future To Now Consulting.