How Holding Onto the Past Can Affect Your Future

What from your past, defines who you are today, and is going to affect your future? Our past, typically, builds who we have become today and who we will become in the future. The question we ask, is what are you doing about your past that is changing your today and future? Are you still holding onto the past and old arguments that don’t solve anything today? We need to find a way to get over our past and define a better tomorrow. When we talk about the past, positive or negative, the world reality is changing so fast, we need to change to make our future better.

Employee Optimism

As leaders, we have a role in a company to make the lives of the people around us better. It is typically a lonely position, does not get credit where it is due and most importantly to remember, is that you work for the employees around you, not the other way around. However, when done effectively, employee optimism can produce many positive results for a company. Employee optimism shows that there is hope, people want to succeed, they want to participate and in times of hardship to a business, they want to help. Simply put, if employees are happy and satisfied, the company is doing well. This is how leadership starts to put out the negatives of a person’s past. Show them a better future.

Business Process Management | How Holding Onto the Past Can Affect Your Future

What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger?

You’re reading this blog today, so no matter what happened in your past, you are still here. You overcame and are present, making a difference to someone in your life. I am guilty of this on so many levels, and holding on to the past, which affects my future. I am here to say, let go of it, but most importantly have a plan on how you will do that. Some can work through challenges on their own, others need professional help like psychologists. If you don’t, your past will consume you. But your past will lead to wisdom and how you will overcome the present and future. What has helped me the most in overcoming issues is visualization techniques. Feel free to google search these techniques and find what best suits you. But visualizing what the future holds and putting plans in place to achieve that future is key to overcoming whatever you may be going through right now.

So today, start by planning what you are going to be doing in the future and work backwards to today with small incremental steps on how to achieve this.

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