My Definition of Anxiety

What is the broad term of anxiety? Something that you perceive will happen in the future, it just has not happened yet. So, you worry about it.

If the feeling does not go away after some reflection, anxiety kicks in. If left untreated for too long, along comes depression and the roller coaster moves along.  

How people get out of the roller coaster of emotions can be attributed to help in all forms, from psychologists, psychiatrists, general practitioners, medication, peer communication, family, online learning and so on. It is not an easy thing to get past, but it is doable. Where I have found success is in meditation, exercise, cold showers, breathing exercises and creating schedules. The biggest thing that has helped me is setting a schedule along with GOALS. What works for me, may or may not work for you, but here is a brief rundown of my path. 

Business Management Consulting | My Definition of Anxiety

The Pursuit of a Goal

I have struggled with anxiety over the past 18 months to an extent that I have never been used to. It started approximately 4 months before I finished my MBA (The Goal).  

Before this, the worst anxiety I would feel is a little throat closing feeling for a couple of days, and then life would go back to normal.  

Because of the times we are all currently facing, I thought this blog might help some.  

I started thinking about an MBA back in 2007 and finally started it in 2015, finished in 2019. The pursuit of this goal was something I thought about regularly. However, as this goal was closing, I didn’t know where to turn next. My days, nights and weekends were scheduled to the nearest 15 minutes. Then school ended and I had nothing left to do. It took me another 6 months to get my goals aligned and a new schedule set, by putting together many templates to help my clients. However, the anxiety that riddled me in this time frame when putting together another schedule was debilitating almost all the time. Severe fatigue, constant rambling thoughts, dizziness, moody and so on. Add in the up and down heartbeats when going into new situations and it got worse.  

I had to add in the pursuit of a new goal. Now it is providing value through blog posts for all to read and building systems and processes for businesses to implement for a better return.

The Ability to Adapt 

Does work or personal anxiety affect you?  

Does your company support you or are you left to your own?  

We have seen both sides of the equation where sometimes companies assist you with everything they have and other times, they talk the talk but back it up with no substance.  

My personal experience was to go it alone with a plan. What is your plan should be the most important question you ask yourself.  

What help do you need?  

Can you go it all alone by yourself, do you ask peers for help or maybe you ask for the professional help from doctors?  

Your ability to adapt and change to anxiety will make you stronger later, no doubt about it.  

Just ensure you have a plan.  

It took me many months to understand that plan, change up diets, seek professional help and so on. I am 50% stronger than I was back 18 months ago, so things are going in the right direction.  

Advice to my past self? Build a plan with help from others and realize that it is not going to happen overnight.  

We are not a doctor or certified to provide advice, but we are willing to share our story with anyone that wishes to read or listen. If you ever want to discuss issues in work or personal life with a business consultant, feel free to reach out to us at Future to Now Consulting.