My Procrastination Over-Rode my Mental Clarity!

So, I just finished writing in my journal today, and a resounding theme that kept creeping into all of my writing was the word procrastination.

What is That Troubling Word!

We started this business consulting firm to help employees become better in their roles for not only themselves but for the company that they choose to work at. Procrastination is just another reason not to do something. Why are you not doing something, can either come from challenges internally or externally? Either way, you need to solve these issues, so you are not always fighting the ‘work blues.’

What is one thing that you can do as an employee to be better?
Stop procrastinating!

Some terrible things I have done in my past;

  • I quit jobs with no notice because I was afraid to go through the process of talking to my boss (procrastination)
  • I quit on another boss the day he left for holidays because I didn’t want to have the hard conversations, again procrastination.
  • I had work commitments that I just continued to put off and off for a long time because I was not motivated to do the ‘boring’ tasks.
Operations Business Strategy Planning | My Procrastination Over-Rode My Mental Clarity

I don’t condone any of these, but they are my reality, that I am not proud of, but dealt with it this way in my time of working for companies.

Success is found in the consistent effort of your daily routine, which includes the less than appealing work tasks.

Work on Consistency

Moral of the post.

Stop putting whatever it is on your mind off for another day. Have those hard conversations not only with your superiors but yourself. You will find that things become much clearer in time, and you will get to where you want to be.

Procrastination is only your mental state at that time of not wanting to do something, which is not always a bad thing; it just tells us you are not engaged with what you are doing. We are continually helping businesses and staff with capacity planning and control.

It’s more important to find out why you are not engaged to work activities; because once you figure this out, you can then decide what you want to do;

  • Leave the company
  • Talk to your boss about what is going on

Either way, it will be extremely difficult to achieve your higher goals by procrastinating.

Be persistent and push through to your next level!

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