Business Operations Strategy | Company Culture Can Be Painful
Company Culture Can Be Painful! But it does not have to be with the right business strategy. Why is Company Workplace Culture Hard to Create? Company culture can be comprised of; Complex set of beliefs Assumptions Values Attitudes Expectations To name several. Is everyone on the same page, and how does everyone interact on a day-to-day basis? These two simple questions can lead you towards what your company culture is like. Whether you have a
Business Strategy Consulting | Why Is Communication So Easy on the Weekends
Why Is Communication So Easy on the Weekends, But On a Work Day it’s Not! What is Effective Communication Such a Problem at Work? As professional career consultants, we have walked into many companies and found that they all are working in silos with their walls high. There is no penetrating them, even though they all say the same things, “We are OK.” Until you look a little deeper, you then come to the conclusion

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