The Impacts of Micro-Managing
The Impacts of Micro-Managing When you are a brand-new employee a well-trained micro-manager can save you a lot of pain and suffering in business. However, if you are experienced and know what you are doing, your work life can suffer so much. We work on defining when micro-managing is needed and when it is not.   Is managing always needed? Yes, but some managers just go overboard with it.   The Positive Impacts of Micro-Managing Micro-managing is a learned skill
Business Strategy Consulting |Business Coaches Vs Business Consultants
Business Coaches Vs Business Consultants For a long time, we thought our company was a self-development company or a business coach. Thanks to a few clients now we have found out that we were labelling ourselves the wrong way! Go figure.  We have finally realized that we provide systems and processes in the form of strategy, operations, leadership, marketing, human resources and innovation that help businesses and staff inside of it to become better. Businesses make more profit and
Business Strategy Planning | The Impacts Complacency
Impacts of Complacency Complacency kills is the most common statement we hear today.   If you get used to where you are working at and for, complacency gets the best of us, unless there is a motivation factor that keeps us around. We know many people that work at jobs just because of the bonus structure that they receive every year. That is enough motivation for them and eliminates their complacency.   However, we also know people that

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