How do you create persistence in your life?

What is the vision for your future career and personal life? What are your goals and ambitions? Let’s try and summarize the vision need, to make sure that your personal life and work-life are working together properly.

SWOT Persistence

In business, leaders will talk a lot about SWOT which stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. The first two are internal conditions and the last two are external conditions to business. To come to varying conclusions, you need to have your SWOT dialled in to become more efficient in business. To keep a short summary here, strengths are what your group or person currently does really well in business and how does the teamwork together to harness those strengths. Weaknesses are the opposite and what the group or person does not do well and how those weaknesses affect the business. With opportunities, you are looking outside the business and how those opportunities give you an advantage. And last with threats, what is your external environment doing to your business and what is the impact. Develop and understand the positive and negative effects of SWOT and develop SWOT persistence.

Business and employee persistence

Business Persistence

Right now, we are facing some challenging economic times, so what are businesses doing to overcome? Business Persistence, head down and getting to work. We help in this transition when companies change over to a reactive mindset, and we keep the planning phases going inside of the business. This persistence is critical to a company’s longevity and success, because sometimes, just plain, calculated, hard work pays off in the end. What we want to ensure is that you don’t lose the planning aspect of your business. When the smoke clears of these economic times, you will still be standing in place and ready for the swing back up, but make sure that the proper plans are in place, so you are not having to do both.

Employee Persistence

Employees are at work for many different reasons, and their purpose behind persistence is different for everyone. We just had a conversation today, that all an employee was worried about was health benefits, last week an employee was worried about a wage, and another time an employee just wanted to get home to their family. Persistence comes in many levels, but what are the leaders and owners doing about the requests. Are they treating all employees the same, with the same process? Then the employee could be leading towards a rocky result.

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