What is Personal and Group Silo?

We worked at a company 5 years ago, where on the surface everything seemed fine. Staff were happy enough, leaders and owners got along, it all seemed to be going perfect. Then we dug into how the business operations were handled. The company was about 300 people strong with at least 15 departments. This was the breakdown, and they were silos.

Staff got along great, but production was terrible, and everyone just seemed to accept it, as the way it was. We were confused about the amount of money being left on the table as being OK. What was going on? When we dug deeper, the profits were good enough. However, some of the lower rung employees were upset, because everything was taking too long. The ah-hah moment!  

Silos were bringing down the motivation of the less paid employees. Upper management was still getting their wages and usual profits, but what could have been potential profits, the less paid employees did not get.  

Group Silo

What do you do as an employee that works in a group that has a silo against the rest of the company? Leadership has to answer this question, but our response would go as follows; 

  • Call a group meeting with all staff and leadership or manager 
  • Define what is happening on all levels amongst the group 
  • Bring up the positives and negatives of what is happening to production 
  • Have a one on one with leadership and review goals and appraisals and how that is impacting their role at the company 
  • Scale the projections of the group against the company metrics and show the impact 
  • Request that the leader/manager calls a meeting with the other departments and report back the next week 

The most important thing in all of this is to show statistics and the calculations that prove what is happening is wrong. Why there is a silo and how it is impacting the profit of the company.  

Business Strategy Consultant | What is Personal and Group Silo?

Personal Silo

How you are treated and how you treat others can create a singular silo for you in the group and at the company. If you don’t think that people are not talking and analyzing your interactions at the company, you are sadly mistaken. We have noticed that no matter what level you are at a company, someone always notices. And if you are an employee that does not receive bonuses but still meets production guidelines, it starts to sting after a while! How do you ensure that you are not creating your silo, we suggest some of the following ideas; 

  • Speak with respect 
  • Talk with candor, so that there are no hidden meanings in discussions 
  • Encourage regular meetings with managers to review praises and criticisms 
  • Document everything as if your life depends on it, which it kind of does! 
  • Follow up on pressing issues

The company needs you just as much as you need them. They have a need and you have the expertise. You want to learn more and grow more, so it is a win-win for both of you. Most important is to ensure that you don’t silo yourself away from the group and business. 

Silos touch on sensitive subjects regularly, so if your group needs help with this, feel free to reach out to our team at Future to Now Consulting to get the conversation started.