What is a Business Strategy?

Why is a business strategy important?

What issues do we all have with a business strategy? The most important piece to remember is that the business strategy is supposed to be a framework to give structure. It is a very important aspect of the business to give employees, managers, leadership and owners a clear direction of where they are heading. A well-developed business strategy gives all internal stakeholders of your company the ability to say yes or no to transactions within the business. If your business strategy is not created or known by all people, you should be working on this as soon as you can, to gain alignment.

Business Strategy Consulting Firm | What is a Business Strategy

Concept of Strategy

What is the concept of strategy around your company? As mentioned, the business strategy is just a framework, but it holds a lot of weight in how the company makes decisions. Features of the strategy should include, but not be limited to things such as;

  • Core Values – the company needs to develop and represent their core values.
  • Purpose – for the business strategy to work, everyone needs to understand the purpose of the company.
  • Brand Promises – to survive in business, you have to stand for something. What value are you providing to your clients? How are you making yourself different from others?
  • Alignment – everyone needs to be on the same page. It is very difficult to execute on your strategy if no one else around you is buying into it.
  • Competency – you need competent staff to deliver on strategy.

Why Do You Need Strategy Consulting

Why do you need strategy consulting? The keyword that always pops up is alignment. We have found that companies always teach the owners and leadership on business strategy, but when work starts up again, people through no fault of their own, go back into a reactive state dealing with the tasks at hand. What ends up being the final result, is that the staff below the executive level get forgotten about or are only left with crumbs of what a business strategy is supposed to be all about. For the strategy to be successful, you need an alignment. Always!

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