Why Is Communication So Easy on the Weekends, But On a Work Day it's Not!

What is Effective Communication Such a Problem at Work?

As professional career consultants, we have walked into many companies and found that they all are working in silos with their walls high. There is no penetrating them, even though they all say the same things, “We are OK.”

Until you look a little deeper, you then come to the conclusion that the staff keeps their heads buried so they can avoid getting constructive criticism or lose their job for speaking up. What have we done to our companies? Why do employees have to stay quiet most of the time?

Business Strategy Consulting | Why Is Communication So Easy on the Weekends

So, How is Communication at Your Place of Work?

Does leadership encourage you to express your ideas or concerns without being ridiculed? Does everyone at your company have the ability to express openness to anyone at the company? It is tough to trust in others, to be able to express yourself openly. Without the proper leadership in place, staff will continue to keep quiet within their own selves or a tiny group.

Here Are Some Ideas to Help You with Effective Communication

Some of the critical components of effective communication are ensuring that it is with good intent, kept professional, and respectful along with proof of your conversation.

No one likes a complainer!

There might be some members of your staff that like to start rumors. To avoid stories, here are some things to keep in perspective:

  • Approach people with professionalism and respect
  • Keep the purpose of your discussion in check with your intent
  • Don’t just have a conversation about a problem, but ensure that solutions are also provided or discussed
  • Be open and transparent and allow everyone in the room the opportunity to speak up and bring ideas.
  • Come up with suitable solutions that the majority agree on. We have found that all-white spaces in the hierarchical chart can bring the next best thing or idea of how to do things differently.

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