Future To Now – eBook


In a world full of unknowns, in business, for business owners and employees, Future To Now will help you build the systems that you need as a business and employee. Not sure where to start with Strategy, Core Values, Operations, Human Resources or Innovation? The pages inside of this book and workbook will get you started on the right path. Let my 20 years of working for multiple industries and 5 years as a business consultant guide you to the beginning of systems and processes for your company and its employees.



I have always wanted to write a book; I just never knew what to write about! I initially thought about writing a book in Word format, like a paperback book and then I thought about all the pages and pages of books that I have read myself. How many times have I read and thought “get to the point already!” That could be very well what you are thinking right now! I promise my stories don’t last long. I built this book like a slide presentation, so you can print sections or pages as you see fit.


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