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People-Centric Business Strategy Consulting Services

At Future to Now Consulting, we believe that success for any business or organization starts with strategy. Our goal is to create a business level strategy that will ensure continued and future success of your business.

What Is a Business Strategy Consultant?

Imagine running into a wall while managing a chain of successful restaurants. Suddenly, you notice your physical sales slowly declining. However, more people now order online from a variety of third-party apps. You want to bring the restaurant to its former glory, but you also wonder if increasing online efforts is the way to go. 

In such cases, hiring a strategy consultant is the best thing to do for the company. Business strategy consulting involves informing and advising the decision-makers of an organization. A reliable consultant evaluates, develops, and implements initiatives to achieve business goals.

In this scenario, a qualified professional will help you decide how much time and resources to allocate for different revenue streams. They will help you evaluate various courses of action to maximize profitability.

This study from The Economist reveals that 61% of responders are experiencing daily struggles to bridge the gap between strategy formulation and implementation. An experienced business strategist can address such concerns and help organizations eliminate the roadblocks to their success.

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Business Strategy Consulting Benefits

Only two percent of company decision-makers feel confident about achieving at least 80% of their strategic goals. One of the reasons this happens is ineffective prioritization. 

We recommend spending at least 20 out of 50 work hours on strategy building and implementation purposes. However, a Center for Management & Organization Effectiveness infographic reveals that business leaders spend only 25 minutes per day — or one day per month — on business strategy efforts. 

In these economically challenging times, business level strategy consulting services are more crucial than ever. At Future to Now Consulting, we know what it takes to grow businesses. We have helped hundreds of companies achieve their strategic objectives for over 15 years. 

Here are some of the factors that make us the ideal business strategy consultant:

  • Experienced professionals: Since 2006, we have been providing organizations from different industries with the necessary tools they need to reach new heights. We continuously hone our knowledge and skills to give our clients exceptional services. 
  • People-centric approach: Save for economic factors, 95% of our past clients experience difficulties reaching their goals because of the lack of a culture conducive to growth. Most of the time, our solutions involve employees — how crucial each task is, how they view their organization, and the overall company culture. 
  • Dedication: For us, no project is too small or too big. We value each client and aim for maximum growth and profitability for each one. 

The Future to Now Consulting Mindset

Future to Now Consulting started operating in 2006 in Calgary, Alberta as a business consulting services company. During that time, the real estate industry was booming in this part of Canada. Given our skills and experience, we saw an opportunity to help businesses grow. 

We offer leadership, innovation, operations, and strategy services. In most cases, our clients inquire about other services, but we find out in the end that they need business strategy advice. Our experience has led us to believe that corporate leaders often overlook or don’t invest enough time into this crucial tool for growth. 

We’ve also noticed that many of our clients have difficulty building business cultures conducive to success. In line with our observations, these survey findings from 2012 state that 98% of business leaders believe strategy implementation takes longer than strategy formulation. 

Decision-makers often receive ample training, but valuable messages can get lost further down the chain. Even when valuable information makes it way down to employees, many don’t know what to do with it, and some don’t understand the training at all. 

Here’s a piece of advice: monthly or quarterly meetings won’t solve the disconnect between your strategy formulation efforts and implementation effectiveness. Only a certified business strategy consultant can help you with this endeavor. 

Achieving Growth

Achieving growth for our clients, starts with a detailed evaluation of business processes. Companies of varying sizes and industries have distinct goals, and sometimes we recommend a different service than our client’s initial inquiry. 

Afterward, we create a step-by-step plan to achieve predictable growth. Processes are the most crucial factors in reaching this objective. When you fix your systems, you don’t have to rely on standout salespeople, fads, or luck to take your business to the next level. 

These are some of the tasks we handle for small businesses and large corporations alike:

  • Set business goals: Objectives should be smart, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-bound. However, the goal should be doable, but challenging enough that your employees remain motivated about accomplishing them. When employees know what to do to reach a goal and feel it’s achievable their satisfaction and productivity increases.

  • Study the market: A trustworthy business strategy consultant monitors market activities, including industry practices, trends, and competitor efforts. Doing so helps us recommend additional cost-cutting ventures and potential revenue streams. 

  • Undergo strategic planning: We work closely with all employees to create robust strategies for different departments, from marketing to accounting and operations. Our experts apply personalized industry-specific programs to achieve the best results for your company. 

  • Create a predictable growth plan: With our experienced professionals on your side, you won’t have to second-guess how to achieve growth. Instead, we calculate percentages from potential revenue sources based on data. 

  • Develop a growth culture: As a people-centric organization, we believe that minor adjustments can transform work ethics. Some of the business leaders we worked with in the past ran toxic workplaces without knowing it. You can build a growth culture through a mindset shift, enhanced communication channels, and improved office layout. 

  • Boost effectiveness: Motivated employees are 20% more productive than their indifferent or disgruntled counterparts. Given this figure, one of our objectives is to help companies tap their workforce’s full potential. Our strategies typically involve continuous learning, incentive programs, and goal alignment. 

Reach New Heights For Your Business

We understand the predicament of business leaders. Balancing daily tasks and growing a company is a challenging feat. An experienced business strategy consultant can help you gain a fresh perspective to develop a diplomatic approach to change. 

It’s time for your organization to reach new heights and our business strategy consulting services will be the catalyst for that growth. Send us a message at to learn more and/or to schedule an evaluation. 

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